Our Hotel 1

Liana Lodge consists of 9 double cabins with a total capacity of 13 double-rooms (with two beds), 3 three-bed rooms and one four-bed room. The cabins each have a large balcony and are situated in the lush green of the typical rainforest vegetation and are accessible by natural paths.

The central building hosts the reception area with the hotel administration, the restaurant and bar, and an open fireplace where you you can sit comfortably and enjoy a few drinks from the bar.

In the rainforest there is only few electricity. The reception area and 4 rooms are with electricity for special needs. There is also a Wi-Fi zone near the bar. Elsewhere, you can enjoy tranquil evenings by candlelight and the sounds of the forest. A unique jungle experience.

While enjoying this respite and relaxation, you can still charge your devices in our reception.