In the lodge

Cleanliness and hygiene are utmost concerns here at the liana lodge.
Our toilets are getting disinfected daily.
The water for our fruit juices and the ice cubes was boiled in order to be drinkable.
Our boots for the activities are always being cleaned from the inside and on the outside after being used.

We do not throw our waste in the river unlike it is still unfortunately common in the region instead we separate, recycle, compost or burn it. The rubbish we cannot recycle gets sent to Tena to get professionally disposed.
Most of all we already try to avoid unnecessary packaging and waste while we go shopping for our needs.
We would like to ask you as a favor to take the batteries you used here at your stay with you because here we do not have a proper way to recycle them.

The waste water of the bathrooms flows into sumps. Those pits have a coal filter on the floor and are covered as well.
The effluent from the kitchen also does not flow into the river.

Supply of aliments
We prefer the usage of regional products. Everything that cannot be produced regionally we get delivered. We will serve you plantains and yuca, where you will be surprised by the many delicious ways these food can be prepared.
Of course we also offer you a huge variety of -mostly unknown for you- local fruits.

Potable water
Our water is spring water of a stream in the middle of the primary rainforest. On top of that the water gets boiled for secure reasons so that it is drinkable for you. We offer you the potable water for free in a huge water dispenser.
If you prefer bottled water you can easily get it at the bar.

In Ecuador, as in other countries many things are ecological when it comes to tourism. Though this is not what we know as ecological tourism.
Summed up the eco-tourism for us means having a sustainable tourism that destroys as little as possible so that the advantages for the ecological system of the rainforest predominate.