amaZOOnico has become one of the biggest animal rescue centers in Ecuador. One of amaZOOnico’s strenghts is that our team is made of a mix of the traditional knowledge and wisedom of local people and a vast array of perspectives and experiences brougth by people coming from all around the world.

Within 5 hectares, we care for more than 400 animals that can’t be released back into the wild, and offer guided tours, focused on conservation, to more than 20.000 tourists every year.

For those who can be released to their natural habitats, we rehabilitate them with barely human interaction and release them in one of the three release stations within Selva Viva.

All this reality is possible thanks to our permanent staff, the volunteers from all over the world who come to help the animals and all the people who donate to amaZOOnico. Because of you, this world is becoming a better place for all the beings on Earth.

Website : www.amazoonicorescue.org

Amazoonico Management Report 2017-2018