The conservation area

The rainforest conservation area of Selva viva is located on the shores of Rio Arajuno in Eastern Ecuador. To put it more precisely, it is found near the town of Ahuano, Canton Tena, Napo province. The forest of Selva Viva reaches from the mouth of Rio Cosanos down to Rio Napo. The protected area is continuously expanding and is at 1’700 ha in 2014. The Liana Lodge, Runa Wasi and AmaZOOnico are located on the border of the forest on the shores of Rio Arajuno, see map.

Our forest is widely known for its abundance of wildlife. Within the limits of the conservation area, logging and hunting are strictly prohibited, whereas harvesting fruits, nuts and plants for medical use is permitted. The indigenous community of Ahuano adheres to these principles. Nevertheless, since our forest’s rich flora and fauna attracts loggers and hunters from elsewhere, the ban on logging and hunting can only be enforced grace to our official status as a conservation area. This is why our forest provides a safe haven for the animals of the wildlife rehabilitation centre AmaZOOnico.

selva viva