Padrinos del amaZOOnico

The association Padrinos del amaZOOnico was founded in 2005 and its goal is to support the animal rescue and reintroduction project amaZOOnico. Today the association consists of more than 100 members, most of them are from Switzerland and Germany. There are five areas:

  • Collection of donations
We collect and administer the donations. The association can transfer 5’000 to 10’000 CHF to Ecuador to support the maintenance and development of the amaZOOnico.
  • Place volunteers
10 to 15 volunteers work for amaZOOnico. The association is their contact point, coordinates the assignments and helps to get the visas.
  • Editorial and distribution of Sachamanda
The magazine Sachamanda is released annually. It is sent to the donators and to the members of the association “protection of the rainforest”. Sachamanda reports news of all the projects of Selva Viva.
  • Homepage of all projects of Selva Viva
The first homepage arose at a time when there was no electricity and Internet in the amaZOOnico. Since then maintenance of the homepage has been in the hands of the Padrinos.
  • Activities of former volunteers
The association allows former volunteers to stay in contact with the amaZOOnico and to be informed about events. Sometimes the former volunteers meet for an evening or a weekend.

The management of the association works voluntarily; all donations go directly to the animal rescue and reintroduction centre amaZOOnico.

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Articles of the association and protocols

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